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Traditions, Games and Festivals in Lanzarote

Tradiciones en la isla de Lanzarote, Islas Canarias.

Lanzarote, being an island, has been able to maintain its traditions and customs which have lasted centuries and have formed a special kind of culture.

Carnival is one of the most characteristic festivals in Lanzarote and without doubt, the most popular festival on the island in which most people take part. Carnival traditions include the burial of the sardine, the float parade, murga competitions(groups of street musicians) and the fancy dress open.- air dances.

Corpus Christi is celebrated all over the island but is specially known in Arrecife where it is famous for the making of rugs out of sea salt in many shapes and colours.

San Juan is the main festival in Haría. It takes place on the night of 23/4 of June, the summer solstice which celebrates the beginning of summer. Throughout the island bonfires are lit.

San Ginés is the patron saint of Arrecife. This festival is held in his honour in the middle of August.

Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores is the patron saint of Lanzarote and in the middle of September, the most famous procession of the island takes place. People from all over the island make a pilgrimage to the chapel in Mancha Blanca.

San Marcial del Rubicón is also a patron saint of Lanzarote. His chapel can be found in the village of Femés and is celebrated on the 7th of July.

San Bartolomé is celebrated on the 24th of August and is the patron saint of the municipality which has the same name.

One of the most traditional games of the island is Canarian Bowls. This is one of the oldest games on record and is mentioned in Ancient Egypt. In the Canary Islands , Lanzarote is the island with the greatest tradition for playing bowls and is famous for the quality of its players. The game consists of throwing a ball from the starting line and trying to get as close as possible to the jack. The winner is the team which has most balls close to the jack. Each player takes turn in playing, the team deciding who plays next.

Canarian Wrestling. This is a sport where two people confront each other, starting from an initial position where the two contestants hold onto the shorts of each other. The aim of the game is to throw the opponent onto the ground without leaving the marked circle, using both their arms and legs.

Stick Fighting. This is one of the oldest games in the Canary Islands. Canarian Stick Fighting is a playful confrontation with sticks between two players who try to hit their opponent and defend themselves at the same time, without hurting each other.

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