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Gastronomic delights from Lanzarote

Gastronomía típica de la isla de Lanzarote, Islas Canarias.Three words describe good-eating in Lanzarote : simplicity, freshness and quality of both sea food and local productors.

Despite the poverty which existed on the island in the past due to the lack of food and drought, the local cuisine has managed to make the best out of the food which was available.

You will be surprised by the different specialities. One of the most typical foods on the island is the famous ' Mojo` which has two varieties : red or spicey mojo and green mojo. Red mojo is similar to a paprika sauce while green mojo is based on garlic, fresh coriander and parsley. Local people use the sauces with fish, meat or potatoes. Mojo is an essential complement to the famous 'papas arrugadas`or 'wrinkled potatoes – small potatoes boiled in salt water until the water evaporates. The potatoes end up with salt encrusted on them which gives them a wrinkled look.

Other typical recipes are corn soup and fish soup or stew. Thick soups are usually made with beans, chickpeas or lentils. Canarian people recommend them for their high nutritional value.

Gofio is the original guanche food which is made from toasted ground corn. This is used as a compliment to soups and stocks. Gofio is also mixed with vegetable stock and eaten with raw onion.

Meat and fish form a large part of the island cuisine. Typical meat used for cooking is rabbit, lamb, goat kid and pickled pork. Typical fish eaten in Lanzarote are sea bream, sea bass, grouper, shadefish and parrotfish. Sancocho is a typical fish stew and is made with grouper, shadefish or sea bass. Fresh seafood such as mussles, octopus, limpets and periwinkles can all be found in Lanzarote.

Everybody who visits this island of volcanoes is surprised by the wide variety of cheese and the quality of its wines (denominación de origen – guarantee of origin and quality of a wine). The island is also known for its traditional desserts such as bienmesabe, frangollo(honey and gofio) or el mus de gofio (gofio mousse).

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